POC POCito Obex MIPS Fluorescent Blue

The children’s POCito Obex MIPS brings protection, security and lightweight comfort to younger skiers and snowboarders, so they can focus on enjoying the slopes without being distracted by kit. Ideal for the very youngest skiers (from 3yrs), the helmet is very lightweight: something vital for children so they never feel like protection is a burden.

Available solely in highly visible fluorescent colors and with reflective patches, the helmet works to raise awareness of a child on the slopes. As a very lightweight helmet, it’s well suited to the very youngest skiers (from 3yrs).

An integrated RECCO® reflector ensures the child is searchable by rescue services in the mountains. A fixed goggle clip, Mips rotational impact protection, chimneys to evacuate goggle steam and a size adjustment system that gives a secure and comfortable fit complete the package.

Stærð/gerð: XXS/XSS/MLG

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