POC POCito Fornix MIPS Fluorescent Yellow/Green

The POCito Fornix Mips children’s ski helmet is a scaled-down version of the award-winning Fornix developed especially for younger skiers.

Packed full of technology to help ensure children stay safe as they learn, the helmet works to keep young ones protected before, during and after any accident.

Features include the NFC Medical ID provided by twICEme® which stores vital emergency information and contact details directly in the helmet so it can be accessed by first responders at the scene of any accident.

A RECCO® Reflector makes it easier for rescue services to locate your child if something goes wrong, and the addition of Mips enhances rotational impact protection.

Aramid strings enhance the helmet’s structural integrity and improve penetration protection.

As with all POCito products, visibility is heightened to ensure others see the wearer as early as possible. The POCito Fornix comes in bright fluorescent colors and features reflective patches to enhance visibility.

A goggle clip gives security, and goggle chimneys mean that vapour can escape from POC goggles to prevent steaming.

The helmet also features fully adjustable ventilation, making it easy for youngsters to control their temperature.

Stærð/gerð: XSS/MLG

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