POC Skin GS Zink Orange/Hydrogen White

Updated to be entirely constructed from a new fabric with better durability, the FIS-approved speed suit gives ski racers the protection they need without affecting speed.

The new fabric minimizes snagging and piling damage from Velcro fastenings on shin and forearm protectors. It conforms to FIS regulations and can be used in FIS-sanctioned competition.

Foam padding is integrated into the skinsuit on the arms, hips and legs to improve comfort under hard protectors. Further protection can be worn underneath, as the skinsuit is shaped to work seamlessly with a POC VPD back protector or the VPD Air Comp Jacket.

Both the Resistance Layer and Base Armor protective base layers are designed to fit under the Skin GS to enhance protection from lacerations.

Grippers at the lower leg openings and longer sleeves with thumbholes work to keep the suit in place as the body moves.

Stærð/gerð: SML/MED/LRG/XLG

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