POC Devour Photochromic Uranium Black/Clarity Photochromic/Changeable Grey

With exceptional coverage, the Devour sunglasses give freedom and flexibility while keeping your eyes as protected as goggles. The sunglasses feature fully adjustable temples and nosepiece, making it easy to find a secure fit for every head shape. You’ll see every detail on the trails thanks to a frame design that maximises peripheral vision.

A Clarity Photochromic lens works as an all-rounder, darkening in brighter conditions, ensuring your vision is always optimised for the prevailing light.

Lens treatments provide protection from oil, water and scratches, helping your field of view stay clear.

It’s easy to swap lenses in the Devour frame, so you can change for a different visual experience any time you choose.

Stærð/gerð: ONE

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