POC Evolve Uranium Black/Fluorescent Orange

The Evolve sunglasses have been specifically developed for protection tailored to the unique needs of children.

Kids’ eyes are still evolving and are more sensitive to light, so require extra protection: the Evolve sunglasses are for them. Suited for kids aged 4–12, the Evolve have been specifically developed to fit the size and shape of children’s heads. The frame is constructed from light, flexible and biologically based bio-grilamid and features snap-in hinges to ensure the temples break away in a fall, helping prevent damage. The new KidZ by Zeiss lens for children give the best protection for young eyes. The lens gives complete UV protection and minimises visible light transmission differently across all color wavelengths to prevent color distortion. For extra security, Evolve comes with a detachable lanyard.

• Child-specific lenses
• Complete UV protection
• Majority bio-based frame materials

Stærð/gerð: EQG

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