POC Zonula Race Marco Odermatt Ed. Hydrogen White Uranium Black Partly Sunny Blue

The Zonula Race combines ultimate function with a more sustainable approach to production to deliver goggles with ultimate usability. An exceptionally large field of view and easily interchangeable toric lenses with Clarity technology make the ski goggles the natural choice for ski racing. Soft frame outriggers make the goggles easy to handle without touching the lenses, and allow the lenses to be changed simply by squeezing the outriggers. The goggle frame and strap are constructed using 47% bio-based materials by weight, balancing strength and durability with reduced environmental impact.

Optimised for racing, the goggles feature high-density foam over the ventilation to reduce airflow at very high speeds, improving eye comfort as you race. Clarity lens technology optimised for competition ensures you can see every detail on the snow with absolute precision, so you can react quickly in the pressure of competition settings.

Stærð/gerð: ONE

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