Cane Creek Bearings for 40 Series bottom/52 mm

Cane Creek 40.IS52 Bottom Headset Lower Part 1.5 Inches – IS52/40
The 40-Series sets the standard for performance, durability and value. Drawing from the Premium 110-Series Design, the 40-Series incorporates all the features necessary for a durable, light-weight, long-lasting headset.

To make it easier, Cane Creek developed consistent graphics, interchangeable parts and over 40 configurations to meet almost every need. Sold in straight and tapered assemblies or tops & bottoms, Cane Creek’s 40-Series offers one of the largest compatibility range of any headset line on the market. Precision engineered by Cane Creek in Fletcher, NC.

Interlok® spacer compatible.
Internal parts are cross-compatible across the 10, 40 and 110 series.

Headset lower part for 1.5″ or tapered fork.

The name
describes the
integrated (also known as drop in) Ahead headset for 1.5″ or tapered forks
and frames with a 52mm inner diameter headtube. The
denotation (see attachment) of the lower part offered here is
Material: Cups and Covers: 6061 T-6 aluminium
Crown Race: Split Glass-Reinforced Polyamide
Bearings: Black Oxide
Weight supplement: manufacturer information