Vittoria Tire MTB E-Barzo TNT G2 anth/blk 65-622/29×2.6

For your XC e-bike
Aggressive XC tread for the most technical terrain
Graphene 20 compound reduces rolling resistance, increasing range and battery life
Medium spaced knobs for a range of terrain and conditions
Product Description
It corners as fast as it rolls
Riding technical XC on your e-bike? The e-Barzo is your choice for traction and range How can such an aggressive XC tire roll so fast? The magic starts in the center tread, where we place an alternating ridge design, and progressive sipe angles Cornering duties are handled by the moto-style block knobs, laid out in a proven V-formation The result is a tire that corners as fast as it rolls, while still offering the protection of a full depth tread Rocks and roots? Check World Championship? Check

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