Vittoria Airliner Enduro/Plus Size L / 2.5-2.7


Extreme protection on the roughest Enduro terrains The Air-Liner Protect Enduro tire insert originates from the most demanding enduro and race trails of the UCI Mountain Bike World Series. The insert enhances the tire protection from the most extreme impacts, shielding your wheels from the unforgiving elements of the trail. The Air-Liner Protect Enduro version incorporates a lighter density foam compared to the Downhill version. This ensures optimal shock absorption and enhanced handling. Unlike its predecessor, the Air-Liner Protect Enduro come as a complete loop, eliminating the need for tedious cutting and zipping. For the most aggressive riding style, the most extreme enduro racing, or for use on e-bikes, it is recommended to mount Air-Liner Protect Downhill on the rear for maximum protection. No longer will you fear the wrath of jagged rocks or treacherous roots, for Air-Liner Protect has your back.


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