Schwalbe Ice Spiker Pro Performance 27,5×2.6

Lighter, grippier, faster The turbo among spike tires. With up to 402 spikes, it bites firmly into any ice slope. The spike body around the tungsten carbide claws is made of aluminum. This saves a lot of weight and the MTB remains agile. Embed Youtube video Winter Compound | Special rubber compound for studded tires. Double Defense (Race Guard / SnakeSkin) | A lightweight and durable Snakeskin fabric layer protects the entire tire from bead to bead. In addition, along the tread is a double, cross-woven Raceguard nylon layer for an extra plus in safety. Tubeless Easy (TLE) | These tires can be converted to tubeless tires using sealant. The standard for high-quality Schwalbe tires. E-25 | Suitable for E-Bikes up to 25 km/h. Important notes on spiked tires To ensure the permanent hold of the spikes, the tires should be run in for about 40 km on asphalt. Avoid vigorous acceleration and braking in the process. studded tires can be ridden on normal asphalt roads, but they cause running noise spikes on bikes up to 45 km/h are allowed schwalbe spikes have a core made of extremely wear-resistant tungsten carbide and last several thousand kilometers in deep snow, even studded tires reach their limits