Gobik Long Sleeve Jersey Unisex Cobble Phoenix

The perfect choice to keep your thermal balance in the autumn days. Jersey long sleeve, slim fit, made on a combination of 3 technical fabrics and graphically enlarged cuffs laser cut neoprene. Anatomically optimized fit and cuffs, and a slightly increased collar height for added protection.

To improve fit and aerodynamics, a new sublimated textured fabric has been added to the cuffs. Another novelty is the addition of an injected zipper that makes it more resistant.

In the back it incorporates three reinforced angled pockets that have been redesigned with a new textured fabric to favor the dissipation of air. They also offer the innovative, patented GRS system -Gobik Retention System-. GRS will take care of your most precious belongings, providing extra safety.

The ideal garment when humidity and wind speed suggest combining it with complementary garments such as the VEST PLUSvest, vest SECOND SKIN or a first layer thermal in wool MERINO.

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