POC Snjóflóðabakpoki / Dimension Avalanche Backpack Fluorescent Orange

Featuring an airbag for extra protection in high-risk avalanche zones, the Dimension Avalanche Backpack combines enhanced safety with a variety of carrying possibilities, making it easy to carry all your kit for a day in the wilderness. With a 25L capacity and numerous carrying loops for kit on the pack’s exterior, the bag makes it easy to carry your skis, helmet, ice axe and more. An adjustable frame in the backplate makes it easy to find a comfortable fit, and highly adjustable straps around the chest and waist give absolute security. A large pocket on the outer is specially designed for avalanche tools and is lined with highly durable materials to prevent damage and tears. A fleece-lined goggle pocket prevents lens damage. Small drainage holes in the exterior pocket mean water from wet gloves or skins can easily escape, and the rest of your kit stays dry. Safety is further improved by the inclusion of both a RECCO® Reflector and a twICEme® NFC Medical ID. The backpack’s airbag is powered by a supercapacitor, meaning there are no gas canisters or batteries required, making the backpack easy to travel with by air, and also giving the possibility to test the airbag functionality before heading into the backcountry.

Stærð/gerð: ONE

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