POC VPD Air Flow Elbow Uranium Black

Soft, flexible, certified protection for every rider: the VPD Air Flow Elbow overcomes all the traditional problems with how body armor fits to provide lightweight protection so comfortable you can forget you are wearing it.

The VPD Air Flow brings a new level of comfort to protection. Not only are the lightweight pads highly flexible for a feeling of absolute freedom as you move on the bike, they feature a long sleeve that grips securely without feeling tight or scrunching. The long sleeve stretches high up the arm, avoiding any gap between the protector and a t-shirt.

The slimline pads are certified to EN1621-1, level 1 standards yet are naturally slim, giving a simple aesthetic that combines comfort and absolute flexibility. Just two seams feature on the entire pad, enhancing all-over comfort and maximising flexibility. A tone-on-tone POC logo further enhances the discreet appearance of the pads.

– Exceptionally lightweight
– Certified to EN1621-1, Level 1 standards
– Slimline style
– Minimal stitching for enhanced comfort and flexibility
– Longer arm coverage


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