Vittoria Tire Road Corsa TLR G2 700×28 blk/blk

Corsa G2 Tubeless Ready (TLR).
Size: 700x28c / Corespun 320 TPI / Black / 310g
Corsa is Vittoria’s top-of-the-range road tyre and it has been the race-day choice of pros for years. The strong points of Corsa are the cotton casing and the graphene-enhanced compound, Vittoria’s best technologies for road tyres. The cotton casing delivers suppleness to the tyre, which translates to unlimited contact of the tyre with the ground – no Watt is lost and all of your power generates motion! The graphene compound is developed to reduce rolling resistance as much as possible. Graphene enhances the properties of rubber, making the tyre faster and extending its wear life. Corsa is the outcome of continuous technological innovation and collaboration with pro riders. Take your performances to the next level with Corsa!

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