POC VPD System Back Uranium Black

The VPD System Back is an extremely ventilated and lightweight back protector with easily adjustable shoulder and waist strap anchor points, making it even easier to find the perfect fit. By being able to easily change the attachment points of the shoulder straps and waistband, any user can feel comfortable and ensure that their protection fits properly and securely. VPD is malleable and adapts to the shape of the wearers body, but when exposed to impact the material stiffens and has extreme impact absorption properties. Suitable for all types of skiers, this protector certified to EN1621-2 Level 1, provides extreme ventilation and maximum comfort. Its minimalist shape provides protection where it is needed without the addition of unnecessary bulk.

3D-molded back protector.
Minimalist design and construction for extra comfort.
Large ventilation ports allow body heat to escape.
VPD material for enhanced flexibility and protection.
Adjustable carrying system for a personalized fit.

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