POC Propel Purple Quartz Translucent

Introducing the concept of aero gains to sunglasses, the Propel is the result of CFD testing and modelling, delivering enhanced efficiencies through the air.

The result of CFD (computational fluid dynamics) testing, the Propel sunglasses introduce the concept of aerodynamic gains to eyewear. Shaped to sit close to the face and to help push air away from the ears, the new sunglasses encourage the effective management of airflow over the shoulders in order to support a rider’s aerodynamic profile.

The sunglasses feature Clarity lenses to ensure vision is always at its sharpest, and are constructed with a biogrilamid frame. Three sizes of nose bridge are included, allowing each user to find a comfortable and secure fit. The temples are fully adjustable in both length and grip for absolute comfort.

– Biogrilamid frame
– Complete UV protection
– Clarity lens technology
– Trailing edge on lens
– Adjustable temples

Stærð/gerð: VSI

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